Galeriekonzert come to ireland - Grobba & ÓCaerr.

Galeriekonzert im Rahmen der Ausstellung the irish experience von Karin Fleischer

Detlef & Johnny met at a harmonica players’ convention in Berlin. Detlef had already had success with changing from Blues to traditional Irish Tunes on the diatonic harmonica. He may well be the best in this field in Germany. Shortly after, Detlef joined Johnny and Olli Mc Holliday on a traditional-music-session visit to Ireland where Johnny had recently held a photo exhibition and reading in Limerick – an important city of his youth. Although inspired to take up music by his life on the road in Ireland in the late 60s, Johnny’s pedigree is really with Reggae music of late 70’s England; amongst which he played in the band ‘Iganda’ and worked for ‘Birmingham Broadside Magazine’. He came to play traditional Irish music only through the Irish music scene in Berlin. “Irish music was all about rock and pop in my days,” said Johnny; though he did say that he got much inspiration came from his first visit to a Fleahd Cheoil in Killrush, County Clare, Ireland 1966.

Das Konzert findet statt am Samstag, den 2. April 2011 um 16 Uhr in der Galerie.

Johnny ÓCaerr, come to ireland (Musik)
Karin Fleischer, The irish experience (Zeichnung, Farbradierung, Kupferstich, Installation)
Detlef Grobba, come to ireland (Musik)